1.Why my camera can not turn on?
a), make sure camera AA battery or lithium battery is good enough, if your camera use 8X AA battery, we recommend alkaline battery, if your camera use lithium battery, don’t connect to external power to recharge directly, it need to take out of camera to recharge.

b), some models like HC-801A, max support 6V only, the power don’t more than 9V, otherwise the motherboard will be damaged.

c), when camera install wrong version firmware, it also can not turn on, you can contact us to make firmware update.

2.My camera can not send pictures / videos to Email address or my mobile phone.

a), make sure sim card pin code has turn off,

b), 4G LTE camera need 4G mmsconfig.exe only, don’t use 2G&3G mmsconfig.exe to make the parameter.dat

c), make sure camera is correct version firmware, if camera has 3 submenu only and without MMS /SMTP submenu, it means camera has installed APP version firmware, you can contact us to get mmsconfig version firmware.

d), if your Gmail server has high security level, which will reject the SMTP sending as SPAM, you can use our Suntek test email as sender email, to have a SMTP test again.

Server    smtp.hichina.com

Port   25

Email     smtptest@cnsuntek.com

password   Qiyue@123


Or you can send us the parameter.dat and error log.txt

3.Camera can not connect to APP?

a), some camera such as HC-801LTE, HC-810LTE, HC-900LTE doesn’t support APP mode, it support MMS SMTP mode only,

b), make sure sim card pin code is off

c), if you use our Suntek sim card, maybe the money has run out, in APP, you can recharge sim card by PayPal.

d), Maybe your sim card’s APN not included in firmware, please send us below sim card info,


user name,



Auth type,    CHAP or PAP?

then we will send you apn.csv which add your sim card data, copy it to SD card, so your camera can work with APP.

4.I want the latest version firmware

please take a picture of camera version number, then we can find a new firmware for you, and send you the steps to install.

if camera can not turn on,please disassemble the camera and send us the motherboard series number screenshot, so we can confirm which version firmware is needed.

5.I have Macbook, how can I use mmsconfig.exe?

The mmsconfig.exe support Window system only, doesn’t support Apple iOS, you can find a laptop or PC.

6.The external power port is smaller size, what is the demension?

It need 3.5X1.3mm power plug

7.APP cloud service is free?

Yes, it is free

8.How many pictures or videos camera can save to sd card ,like 32GB micro sd card? and how long is the battery life?

32GB micro sd card can save about 10,000 pictures, 3,000 1080P FHD video

Camera battery life is decided by how often camera start to work, if the camera takes a lot of high resolution video, the AA battery will run out power very fast,usually we recommend to change battery every 5~7 days, and you can connect to external power for a long time working.

9. Does SUNTEK have warehouses in Europe and the US?

Yes, we have warehouses in Europe and the United States. Some models (such as HC-940PRO-LI, WiFi940Pro, HC-810A, WiFi830, HC-801PRO, etc.) are in stock in these warehouses, and we will give priority to shipping from European warehouses. If not in stock, we will ship by DHL from China.


If you have any other questions, please email info@cnsuntek.com or consult online directly on this website. Our customer service staff Vivian will get back to you within 24 hours.