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What Does Installing a Camouflage Camera Do?

1. Types of camouflage cameras

①Basic camouflage camera
Basic camouflage camera is a camera that does not need to connect through the network to take pictures, basic camouflage camera is inserted into the SD card through the camera to collect photos, usually you can insert a 32GB SD card, so after the SD card is full of photos, we have to return to take out the camera SD card to replace it with a new SD card, basic camouflage camera is of course also suitable for hunting, surveillance, Suntek has A basic camouflage camera (HC-804A) his function is very much and very practical, it has a strong night vision and clear photo technology for 24MP2.7K, even at night to take pictures can also be very clear to see the object, his photo trigger in about 20 meters 0.3S can trigger the photo

Basic Camouflage Camera

②2G Network Camouflage Camera

2G network camera means that the camera can upload photos through the network, but you must insert the SIM card and SD card, SIM card used as a network to upload photos, SD card used to store photos, he is better than the basic camouflage camera is that we can achieve remote check photos, what was taken, without returning to the camera to get photos, while it can also be used for surveillance, and hunting to view the status of prey, Suntek The company has published a model HC-801M 2G network camera, which has the same function as the basic surveillance camouflage camera mentioned above, the only difference is that you can access the photos more easily.

2G Network Camouflage Camera

③WIFI APP Camouflage Camera

WIFI camera is the same as its name through the camera released WIFI and then use the phone to download the APP to link the camera, he does not need to insert the SIM card, he will only consume cell phone traffic, WIFI camouflage camera is more powerful! It can achieve remote real-time viewing, WIFI coverage of about 15-20M, the emergence of WIFI camera is a good solution to the process of viewing photos back and forth, you can also send photo instructions through the cell phone APP, it takes pictures with a clarity of up to 30MP, Suntek has a WIFI camera (HC-WIFI940 Surveillance Cameras) camera comes with a lithium battery, the battery life is more durable!

WIFI Camouflage Camera

④4G APP Camouflage Camera

APP camera is similar to WIFI camera, but it is more powerful than WIFI camera, it ignores the distance directly connected to the camera, the most important thing is that APP is free to download without charging any fees, it takes pictures with a clarity of up to 36MP it is possible to achieve 4K real-time video viewing, it is a very good home surveillance camera is a powerful hunting assistance camera! The Suntek HC-940Pro-Li comes with a 10000 mAh lithium battery for long-lasting battery life, and it can take clear photos and trigger sensitivity, and it can be used to view photos or video content online by APP, with 120° wide angle and IP66 waterproof and high temperature resistance, making the camera very durable!

Suntek has been in the camouflage camera or surveillance camera industry for more than 10 years, we have mature technology, and perfect after-sales service, our cameras in Europe and the United States can be ranked in the top ten!

Gear Before Hunting

1.What Equipment Do I Need To Go Hunting?

When preparing for a hunting trip, there are several essential pieces of equipment that hunters should have. These include appropriate firearms or bows, ammunition or arrows,huntingcamera hunting clothing and boots, a hunting knife, a compass or GPS, a map of the hunting area, hunting binoculars or a scope, and a backpack to carry supplies. Other useful items may include a range finder, a headlamp or flashlight, a first aid kit, and a communication device such as a two-way radio or cell phone. It’s important for hunters to check with local regulations and guidelines to ensure they have all necessary equipment and are hunting legally and responsibly.

2.Hunting Safety Knowledge

Hunting can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, but it’s important to prioritize safety while in the field. Hunters should always wear blaze orange clothing to make themselves visible to other hunters, and should handle firearms or bows with care, following proper safety protocols. Additionally, hunters should be familiar with the area they are hunting in, and should have a plan in case of an emergency. They should also be aware of local regulations and guidelines, and should hunt ethically and responsibly. By following these safety guidelines, hunters can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for themselves and others.

3.Are Hunting Cameras A Necessary Item For Hunting?

Hunting cameras, also known as trail cameras or game cameras, can be a useful tool for hunters, but they are not necessarily a necessary item. These cameras can be used to monitor game activity and determine patterns in animal behavior, which can help hunters plan their hunting strategies. Although a hunting camera is not a necessary piece of equipment, it can ensure that hunters are more likely to catch their prey, and Suntek’s hunting cameras are not expensive, you can check out their official website, the cameras are not expensive and they are also practical!

4.How To Use The Hunting Camera?

Using a hunting camera, also known as a trail or game camera, is a relatively simple process. First, choose possible locations for the camera that the game will pass through. For example, this could be near a trail or water hole. Then, use the included strap or mount to securely mount the camera to a nearby tree or other object. Once the camera is in place, turn it on and adjust the settings as needed. Suntek cameras具有触发相机拍摄照片和视频的运动传感器和计时器。请务必定期检查您的相机并取出存储卡以查看您拍摄的照片和视频。猎人可以使用这些信息来规划他们的狩猎策略并提高成功狩猎的机会。使用狩猎相机时,遵守当地法规和指南并尊重可能使用同一区域的其他人的隐私也很重要。

What‘s the trail camera?

With the advancement of technology, trail cameras have become an essential tool. In addition to biologists, curious wildlife enthusiasts, and hunters all use trail cameras to capture images of animals. Trail cameras also are used by private landowners or farmers as surveillance or as security camera. Trail cameras, also known as trap, game, or wildlife cameras, are equipped with passive infrared motion detectors that trigger a shutter when an animal (or intruder) enters its field of view.No matter how you intend to use a trail camera, you must consider the following aspects. Our guide to trail cameras will help you understand which camera is right for you and the features you need.

How Do Trail Cameras Work?

Trail cameras are motion-sensitive. When an animal or human moves in front of cameras, a motion sensor is first triggered to detect movement and heat. The sensor then triggers a small camera lens to take a picture, which is then digitally recorded onto a secure digital card (SD card). At night, trail camera uses infrared LEDs to illuminate surroundings in low light, so there is no visible flash that can frighten animals. This results in black-and-white images.
With a basic understanding of trail cameras, You also need to know that not all trail cameras are created equal. As technology advances, so do camera features.

Trail Camera Features

Ten key features of trail cameras to consider:
1. Motion detect  2. Trigger speed  3. Recovery time 4. Lens  5. Flash/illuminators
6. Picture/Video quality  7. Picture/Video settings and their effects  8. Memory (SD) card
9. Power supply  10. Other

1. Motion detect
The trail camera has a passive PIR sensor that detects heat and motion. When an animal walks in front of the PIR sensor, the heat triggers the camera to snap a photo.The faster the movement, and therefore the greater the rate of change in temperature, the more likely the PIR is to trigger the camera. The sensitivity of a PIR to detect these subtle temperature changes will depend on the make and model of trail camera used.
PIR Sensitivity can be adjusted in the camera settings. If the camera is placed in a spacious environment or may be far away from the subject being photographed set the camera to high PIR sensitivity. If using the camera in a heavily wooded environment or close to the subject you want to catch, set the PIR sensor to low.
Pro Tip:
some animals are cold-blooded or temperature-changing animals, coupled with small size and small differences in thermal radiation. Cameras are difficult to trigger successfully.
Sometimes you need to clear the weeds in front of the camera. Tall weeds and grass can also cause a false trigger. If you continue to get photos with nothing in them, you can try to turn PIR sensitivity to low.
2. Trigger speed
Trigger speed is the time it takes for the camera to take a photo once the animal enters the frame. This is entirely a feature of the make and model of the camera and can be as fast as 0.1 seconds or as slow as 1+ seconds. This means the difference between a fast-moving animal being photographed or being missed altogether.
If you’re shooting on a trail where an animal is likely to be on the move, then you need a fast trigger speed
If in front of a stationary feeder or food, then the trigger speed is less important.
Coolife trail camera Trigger speed
3. Recovery time (time between a picture/video being taken and the camera being ready to be triggered for the next)
Good trail cameras have a very short recovery time and keep on taking multiple pictures in a row.
While a low-cost trail camera might be tempting, we recommend ensuring the trigger speed and recovery time are adequate, especially if placing the camera on a path or trail. It would be a pity to miss a beautiful moment due to the slow recovery time.
4. Lens
Most trail cameras have fixed lenses so the angle of view can not be altered. Choosing a wide-angle lens is great for getting a lot in the picture, but individual subjects risk appearing small on the image. Whereas a narrow field of view, zoom lens, can miss a lot of detail.
5. Flash/illuminators
At night, light is required to photograph objects, hence the trail camera’s need for artificial light.
Cameras typically have three types of flash:
White flash- increasingly rare, allows the camera to take full-color photos at night, but it can scare the animals you’re photographing
Low Glow Flash – Also referred to as Red Glow or Infrared. Standard low-glow flashes use LED arrays emitting infrared at a wavelength of around 850 nm. This type of flash produces a dim but still visible red light when taking night photos, that there is still a faint red glow visible to the human eye, and also visible to animals. But most animals don’t care about this light very much. This will only produce black and white night photos.
No Glow Flash – Also referred as black infrared or black flashes, no-glow flashes use LED arrays emitting infrared at a wavelength of around 940 nm. Completely invisible to humans and largely invisible to animals. May not have the same flash range as other camera flashes That long, the photo is usually darker.
Coolife-H953 trail camera
6. Picture/Video quality
Flash type affects image quality, but the feature having the greatest effect on this is the resolution of image-sensor used. Resolution is stated in Megapixels (MP), and is simply the number of pixels recorded in a digital image. One Megapixel is one million pixels. The more Megapixels, the better quality the image is likely to be, but with the downside that a high Megapixel count will result in you using up your camera’s memory storage (its SD card) more rapidly.Most people believe that a camera with higher MPs will take a better photo than a camera with fewer. However, the quality of a camera’s lens, sensor and image processor do far more to create a better photo than MPs. Trail cameras allow you to select various sized digital photos to be captured — from high resolution images that use the maximum MPs, to low-resolution images that use fewer MPs.
7. Picture/Video settings and their effects
Hybrid Mode – The trail camera will take both a photo and a short video. You get the best of both worlds with just one trigger, but it’s usually found only on higher-end models.
Time-Lapse Video Mode –The camera records a short video at certain time intervals, such as every hour. You can choose the time between video recordings and the length of the video that will be recorded.
Picture Burst Mode – The  trail camera takes multiple pictures in quick succession. This ensures that you can clearly see the fastest animals after triggering the camera (day or night). Typically you can take 3 shots at a time, a good camera can take up to 10 at a time
Video Duration – Most video recording trail cameras will allow you to choose the length of video it will record. Videos range from 3sec-10Minutes, depending on the model.(Be aware that videos take up a lot of space on the SD card)

 8. Memory (SD) card

Trail cameras use an SD card to store all the pictures or videos.
If your memory card is not big enough, your small card will fill up quickly, which will force you to access your camera more frequently. As a result, the animal becomes aware of your presence more quickly.
Be sure to check what storage capacities a trail camera is compatible with.The capacity of an SD card ranges from 16 GB, 32 GB to even 512GB. A camera that’s compatible with SD cards up to 32GB will not recognize one with a larger capacity like 64GB.

Coolife trail camera SD card

9. Power Supply
Batteries are necessary to keep the camera running, and each camera has a battery level indicator. Modern trail cameras use AA alkaline or lithium batteries. Lithium batteries will usually last longer and work better in cold weather than alkaline batteries.
Power Accessories – An important tool to increase the time a camera can be used in the field. suntek cameras have an external power jack that accepts power accessories.
Solar panels – Solar panels can power your backcountry camera indefinitely (as long as there is sunlight shining). We usually recommend using the solar panel and battery together. When it’s cloudy, the solar panel will not work and the battery can power your camera.
Pro Tip. Don’t mix old and new batteries. Always replace all batteries at the same time. Don’t mix different brands of batteries or alkaline and lithium batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Remove the batteries or battery tray from the camera when it is not in use.
10. Other
Remote access to pictures/video
More and more cameras are now cellular or WiFi capable, which facilitates remote access to cameras. This is useful if the camera is located in a particularly inaccessible or dangerous location, or if the ecosystem is disrupted by humans accessing the camera multiple times Function. But remote access will boost your purchase budget, while also draining battery power quickly because of image transfers.
1. The appearance of many cameras will be integrated into the surrounding environment as much as possible,
2. Many trail cameras are equipped with a hole through which a Python cable lock can be passed (for attaching to the tree)
3. Then there are ‘cages’ sometimes referred to as ‘bear-cages’ into which the entire camera can be fitted, but with a pre-cut hole for the lens, PIR, and flash. These help prevent damage by wildlife as well as theft.
Data Stamp or Timestamp
The camera provides the user with information such as date, time, moon phase, and temperature when capturing an image. This will be beneficial for observers who want to know everything about animals, and of course, this feature can also be turned off.
Factors to Consider When You’re Buying a Trail  Camera
1. What is the main use? Hunting, animal research observation, safety, backyard animal viewing?
2. what is your budget?
3. What kind of environment are you going to use the camera in, Where will you put cams (field edge, trails, scrape/rub lines, feeder locations)?


Suntek Trap Camera Raiders

When your 2G & 3G camera can’t receive photos, you can try to confirm if the SIM card has traffic and signal, if it still can’t, then please send the LOG FILE file to our email address:

please confirm your SIM card have enough traffic or money ,if both normal ,we need you provide the log file .follow below the steps to get it .

Hi,please copy the attached file to the sd card (can’t change the file’s name )

  1. slide to  the test. Wait 2 minutes.
  2. send a photo command on the app .
  3. Wait 2 minutes. turn off the camera .

then you will see the log file on the SD card ,copy it send us direct ,our engineer will be find the reason and let you know the solution .

If your 940 Pro-Li camera does not receive photos using the app? Please provide the following data to our customer service email


first of all ,thanks for choosing us .

please contact our personal Email ,(check the attached file)we need some data from you .

if you use our provided SIM card ,please send us the iccid code .

we need confirm there still have enough traffic .

if you wanna replace yours .

In this case, we need you to provide the following info:

  1. IMEI code (camera’s ID, you can find it from APP or the machine)
  2. IMSI code (when you insert your SIM card into the machine, there will be shows the series code in the top left of display)
  3. APN data (you can find it in the app’s setting menu)

4.Your country and SIM card operator name Then we base on your info create an APN file to you inset to your camera, then you can use your SIM card successfully. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards,

When your SD is not working please provide us with the following data to our customer service email

Hi dear,

first of all thank you for choosing us.

in this case, we suggest to format the sd card in the machine panel.

if it still can’t be used normally, please replace another class 10 or good brand SD card. Because we have only been given the SD card for a temporary period.

PS: Please check my attached business card, you can contact our personal email, if you also want to replace your SIM card.



When you encounter problems with SIM card replacement for APP machines, please provide the following information to our customer service email

Hi,thanks for your question .

we’ve been provided a SIM card in the machine ,

and it included 100MB traffic for free (once you use the traffic to be finish ,you can  recharge or replace your own SIM card .when you use yours ,just need send us the SIM card IMSI CODE ,APN data ,then we create an APN file to  you insert to your camera’s program .then you can use your SIMCiao volevo sapere la scheda sim che viene data in dotazione fa solo foto ho anche video? succeed .

When you need to change your SIM card, please provide the following information to our customer service email address


In this case, we need you to provide the following info:

  1. IMEI code (camera’s ID, you can find it from APP or the machine)
  2. IMSI code (when you insert your SIM card into the machine, there will be shows the series code in the top left of display)
  3. APN data (you can find it in the app’s setting menu)

Then we base on your info create an APN file to you inset to your camera, then you can use your SIM card successfully.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

APN file installation method

please follow below steps to upgrade .

  1. Copy these two files  in the SD card,(the file name can’t be changed ,must be format your sd card to be blank  )
  2. slide to test mode.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes. See if the cloud symbol shows success.

and,if you upgrade succeed  ,the sd card’s files one of them will be disappear .if you upgrade failed ,these two files still will be exist )

let us know the result  .thanks .

How to use the APP

Our camera and the APP(SUNTEKCAM) is very simple to use.

Step 1: Use your mobile phone to download the “SUNTEKCAM” APP.(AppStore or Googleplay )

(Please change the language to your country’s language, our APP has 19 countries’ languages, so you can choose you want )

Step 2: Use the APP to scan the QR code of device , so that you can successfully connect to the APP.

Remarks: We sent a SIM card in the pack, (100MB of data for free, After finished , you can  choose to replace the SIM card or continue to recharge. The recharge fee APP is displayed.



password   Qiyue@123
Port   25

About Trap camera application scenarios

What is a trap camera?

Suntek wildlife trap cameras, often referred to as tracking or game cameras, are cameras strategically placed on your property to take photos and videos of wildlife while you are away.
These cameras are usually triggered by movement and store images internally for you to view later.

Option 1

The Suntek Cam is IP66 rated, so even if it falls from a tree and is submerged in water, it will not be damaged in any way.

Option 2

The Suntek Cam can also be used for scientific research, by installing the Suntek Cam on your own farm to observe the habits of your farm animals, and

Option 3

You can also install the Suntek Can Cam in your own home for burglary protection, so you don’t have to worry about someone coming in and stealing it, and you can always see what your baby is doing!
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