1. Types of camouflage cameras

①Basic camouflage camera
Basic camouflage camera is a camera that does not need to connect through the network to take pictures, basic camouflage camera is inserted into the SD card through the camera to collect photos, usually you can insert a 32GB SD card, so after the SD card is full of photos, we have to return to take out the camera SD card to replace it with a new SD card, basic camouflage camera is of course also suitable for hunting, surveillance, Suntek has A basic camouflage camera (HC-804A) his function is very much and very practical, it has a strong night vision and clear photo technology for 24MP2.7K, even at night to take pictures can also be very clear to see the object, his photo trigger in about 20 meters 0.3S can trigger the photo

Basic Camouflage Camera

②2G Network Camouflage Camera

2G network camera means that the camera can upload photos through the network, but you must insert the SIM card and SD card, SIM card used as a network to upload photos, SD card used to store photos, he is better than the basic camouflage camera is that we can achieve remote check photos, what was taken, without returning to the camera to get photos, while it can also be used for surveillance, and hunting to view the status of prey, Suntek The company has published a model HC-801M 2G network camera, which has the same function as the basic surveillance camouflage camera mentioned above, the only difference is that you can access the photos more easily.

2G Network Camouflage Camera

③WIFI APP Camouflage Camera

WIFI camera is the same as its name through the camera released WIFI and then use the phone to download the APP to link the camera, he does not need to insert the SIM card, he will only consume cell phone traffic, WIFI camouflage camera is more powerful! It can achieve remote real-time viewing, WIFI coverage of about 15-20M, the emergence of WIFI camera is a good solution to the process of viewing photos back and forth, you can also send photo instructions through the cell phone APP, it takes pictures with a clarity of up to 30MP, Suntek has a WIFI camera (HC-WIFI940 Surveillance Cameras) camera comes with a lithium battery, the battery life is more durable!

WIFI Camouflage Camera

④4G APP Camouflage Camera

APP camera is similar to WIFI camera, but it is more powerful than WIFI camera, it ignores the distance directly connected to the camera, the most important thing is that APP is free to download without charging any fees, it takes pictures with a clarity of up to 36MP it is possible to achieve 4K real-time video viewing, it is a very good home surveillance camera is a powerful hunting assistance camera! The Suntek HC-940Pro-Li comes with a 10000 mAh lithium battery for long-lasting battery life, and it can take clear photos and trigger sensitivity, and it can be used to view photos or video content online by APP, with 120° wide angle and IP66 waterproof and high temperature resistance, making the camera very durable!

Suntek has been in the camouflage camera or surveillance camera industry for more than 10 years, we have mature technology, and perfect after-sales service, our cameras in Europe and the United States can be ranked in the top ten!

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